Who are the Keys Island Runners?

Keys Island Runners was established when a group of guys from Key West started attending The Annual FPC Miami boat show poker run in Key Largo. When boating in the area, we realized there were small speed boat enthusiasts like our selves. When socializing at the Sandbar, the same statement was being said over and over again… “I want to go boating in Key West, but don’t know the waters!” After going to the event for about 4 years, we started meeting and becoming friends with a lot more people. Instagram was our social networking spot to stay in contact with each other and keep up with what was going on throughout the Keys. After the 4th year, we started talking about giving our Key West crew a name. Weeks and months went by and one night I was thinking, what if I make this bigger than just a Key West thing? What if I make this more about all the speed boat enthusiasts throughout Florida! From that moment on, things rapidly flourished. I came up with the name, started the Instagram page, and was averaging 1,000 followers a month! That’s when I realized I was on to something! The ideas in my head started flowing and now Keys Island Runners is ready to take off! Let’s start our own boating community!

So with that being said, this is how it’s going to work. Instead of having an event fee for every event like the other organizations. We are going to have a one time membership package fee for the year and one Poker Run boat entry fee for the Key West Summer Poker Run Event. When becoming a member you will receive a hat, T-shirt, 2x KIR decals, and a member ID card. With the ID card, you will receive a discount from any participating business that sponsors Keys Island Runners. You will also get discounted rates at hotel/resorts that host us for our events. The membership money towards prizes at certain events! So please become a member and help build our own boating community! 

Thank You!                

Keys Island Runners

Daniel Garcia III

“ Catch Us On The Water! “

Our Founder

Hello KIR Fam! My name is Daniel Wenseslao Garcia III. I was born and raised in Key West, FL. I’m a proud 4th generation Key West Conch! Growing up, I was always known as being the race boat nerd! Since the age of 4, powerboat racing has always interested me! I started drawing race boats in Pre K school, always asked my parents for anything race boat as gifts, cut out every news paper clipping when the boats were in town, etc. The dream is and always has been to race someday in front of my home town crowd. Now with the creation of Keys Island Runners I feel like I’m heading in the right direction to getting my foot in the door of the speed boat world. Hopefully someday I can start my own KIR Offshore Race Team! Keys Island Runners is for a lot of people like myself. We all have to start somewhere. We have our performance boats that we love so much but don’t have an organization to show them off or our skills. Now, with KIR we don’t have to worry about our boats being too small or too slow. We can all join together and do what we love! Thank You for being a part of the family!

Keys Island Runners

“Catch Us On The Water!“